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Thanks for checking out the Every Quarter podcast! The show aired from November 2016 to September 2019 with more than 30 episodes featuring esteemed Andover alumni and guests. We invite you to browse the archive of shows and enjoy the stories shared throughout our run. Go Big Blue!

Episode 31: Dana Delany ’74 & Jonathan Meath ’74

In this special episode of Every Quarter, we catch up with Emmy Award-winning actress Dana Delany and producer Jonathan Meath, both from Phillips Academy’s Class of 1974. They take us back to how they became friends starring in theatre and film productions on campus, discuss their impressive careers in the entertainment industry, and share plenty of inside jokes and stories that bring back wonderful memories.

A few fun highlights from the conversation:

  • Jonathan and Dana reminisce about their class’ infamous “Mother Phillips” photo, and Dana shares how it became a topic for her appearance for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.
  • Jonathan talks about being the #1 Santa Clause in the world and how his likeness is used by Coca-Cola in their marketing campaigns.
  • Dana reflects on past roles, and how she now only chooses to play complex characters that resonate with her.

Episode 30: The Economics of Climate Change with Jisung Park ’04

Jisung Park 04 is an assistant professor at UCLA, with joint appointments at the Luskin School of Public Affairs (Public Policy) and the Fielding School of Public Health (Environmental Health Sciences). He is also the founder and codirector of Sense & Sustainability, a nonprofit dedicated to cultivating leaders with a holistic understanding of sustainability and equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue solutions.

Park’s introductory economics class at Andover gave him an entirely new lens to view the world, through which he recognized climate change is the “ultimate global public good problem” and that economics could be a tool for helping people better understand and take action against its disastrous effects. After Andover, Park attended Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He then moved on to Harvard, where his groundbreaking research shed light on how climate change will affect human productivity and economic health.

Episode 29: Faran Krentcil ’99

Fashion, Fame, and 10-Hour Photoshoots


Faran Krentcil ’99 is a style and fashion expert currently writing as Editor at Large for Elle.com. On this episode of EQ, Krenctil talks summer fashion, fame culture, her recent interviews with Kim Kardashian and Cardi B, and how shopping sustainably can change the world.



Episode 28: Lou Bernieri and Leon Modeste’s Brooklyn Brotherhood

Leon Modeste and Lou Bernieri have been friends since meeting in high school at Poly Prep in Brooklyn, NY. Their bond was formed on the football field and has lasted for more than 30 years together at Andover as coaches and colleagues. This episode of Every Quarter traces their friendship from young players to now mentors to hundreds of Big Blue student-athletes. Their journey is filled with many stories, lessons, and laughs.

This special podcast honors Leon Modeste as he makes his way into retirement after 33 years at Phillips Academy. Congrats, Coach Mo!

Episode 27: Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud ’01

Anjali Sud ’01 is the CEO of Vimeo, and in 2016 she was charged with the task of pivoting the video hosting platform from producing original content to a SaaS (software as a service) technology company that focused on empowering creators. This shift came with tough decisions, a redefined business strategy, and a greater emphasis on Vimeo’s mission.

In this episode of Every Quarter, Sud talks about those first 100 days as Vimeo CEO, her non-linear career path that led her to that point, and how she found Andover as a middle schooler growing up in Michigan. She also reflects on the power of leadership and how the consumption of video is changing our lives by the minute.

Episode 26: Five Little Monkeys Creator Eileen Christelow ’61

Eileen Christelow, Abbot Academy class of 1961, returned to campus in November 2018 to receive the Andover Alumni Award of Distinction, meet with art classes, and share her experiences creating children’s literature. Christelow is the author and illustrator of The Five Little Monkeys books, along with several other titles including Letters From a Desperate Dog and Vote!

In this episode of Every Quarter, Christelow discusses her career path, changes in the publishing industry, and how her dog, Emma, was once her muse. She is joined by Emily Goss, Oliver Wendell Holmes Children’s and Access Services Librarian.

Eileen Christelow

Episode 25: Institute for Recruitment of Teachers

Jessica Acosta-Chavez ’06 and IRT Executive Director LaShawnda Brooks

How do we educate our society as it continually evolves?

The Institute for Recruitment of Teachers seeks to answer this question. Founded in 1990 by Kelly Wise, the IRT has a nearly 30-year history of producing social justice–minded educators in both  K–12 and the professoriate.

In this episode of Every Quarter, we sit down with the LaShawnda Brooks, the new executive director of the IRT, and Jessica Acosta–Chavez ’06, IRT ’12, Phillips Academy’s associate director of admission and outreach. As an alumna of both the IRT and Phillips Academy, Acosta–Chavez is uniquely positioned to speak with Brooks around the history of the IRT, current needs in educating diverse populations, and new possibilities for the IRT.

As American demographics change, so does our need for educators. According to the Learning Policy Institute, people of color constitute nearly 40 percent of the population and 50 percent of our students.

Since the IRT’s founding in 1990, the percentage of K–12 educators of color has increased from 12 percent to 20 percent. Currently, more than 2,000 IRT alumni have received a Master’s degree and more than 330 IRT alumni have earned doctoral degrees.

Episode 24: Architect Peter Chermayeff ’53

You may not recognize the name Peter Chermayeff, but if you’ve ever lived in, or visited Boston you’ve probably experienced his work. Have you been to the Boston Aquarium and walked the spiral ramp along the central tank? Did you ride the T to get there and wonder why each line is colored the way it is? Well, Peter designed both of these Bay State projects and are just two of the topics he gets into on this very special episode of Every Quarter. He’s joined by his niece—filmmaker Maro Chermayeff, Class of 1980—and they discuss Peter’s early years at Andover, his circuitous career path, and how he became the preeminent aquarium architect in the world.

Episode 23: Tamar Szabó Gendler ’83

In this episode of Every Quarter, educator and alumna Tamar Szabó Gendler speaks with Andrew Housiaux, Currie Family Director of the Tang Institute, about the changing face of higher education and the responsibility institutions have in owning their histories. They also discuss Gendler’s experience with the Mellon Foundation’s New Directions program, wherein Gendler essentially became a full-time student at Yale during the 2009–2010 academic year, completing coursework in psychology, neuroscience, and statistics.

Tamar Gendler

Gendler, Andover Class of 1983, also shares moments of nostalgia, recounting memories with the Jewish Students Union in Cochran Chapel, growing up as a faculty child, and how changing her focus from math to social sciences lead her to the path she is currently on. During her visit to campus in November, she was presented with the Andover Alumni Award of Distinction.

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